my home studio

Since I started freelancing full-time, I began thinking about having a proper photography studio. Getting all my lights and backdrops in the garage downstairs is quite time consuming – and I have to make, like, 3 trips to get all my junk, and it’s 3 flight of stairs. Now you get my problem.

I thought of two solutions: 1) renting a small studio, or 2) eventually moving to a bigger apartment so I can have a room I can turn into a studio. I did my research and realized that number 2 was easier and less expensive.

The thing is, our lease expiries only in October. It is also cheaper than renting a studio (and having to drive there every day), but it stills sucks having to pay more than we already do. Living in Irvine is crazy expensive and just thinking about it makes me kind of sad.

I felt a bit stuck realizing that my little studio would take more than expected to become a real thing. But I had to do something; I felt the block getting bigger and the creative energy going lower every time I thought about this fact.

In a random afternoon, I decided to get my husband’s computer out of our office/guest bedroom, together with his 2,187 cables and gadgets, and put it all in our bedroom. I knew he wouldn’t mind because we have the perfect spot in our master to put computer stuff.

The transformation started: backdrop in place, lights and umbrellas in place, props and background options in the closet, little desk to put my laptop and books/magazines. Nothing huge, no extreme makeovers, but I absolutely loved the result.

It’s ok not having a specific place to get work done, but when you do – especially when you have tons of crap like me –, things flow more easily. Everything’s right there in your face, so you don’t have any excuses not to go there and just work.

And your working spot doesn’t have to be fancy either – just make sure you have everything you need, make it a little cozy with little touches here and there, and you’re good to go. Even if it’s just a tiny space in your bedroom our living room, you’ll see the difference when you have a spot where you sit down to work. It feels like the energy changes.

I can guarantee my little photography studio is a big success. My cat Charlie is here to confirm that: