Today I’m doing a photoshoot in a not-so-glamorous restaurant. It’s located in a super weird plaza, with weird little

I stopped writing this because the guy from the restaurant came in with the dishes I have to photograph. I can’t tell what’s his vibe when he approached me; not super friendly, I thought.

The photoshoot went on, and I started to like him better after a few shots. He grew and grew more friendly each time he would come out of the kitchen. By the end of the shoot, he was already helping me out with the reflector and stuff.

When I was done with the photos, he invited me to sit down and eat. That was much appreciated because I was starving, and the food smelled incredible. I sat down to eat; he went on taking care of the customers that were coming in. He was so warm and friendly with each one of them, like each of them mattered. He’s a cool guy and the restaurant is not shitty at all.